Why India needs Narendra Modi

Big Win For Modi Is Important For BJP
We have always held that in politics like other fields, quick risers are detested while people who have come up the hard way are respected. The ground level workers will never respect people like Manmohan Singh and Arun Jaitley. On the other hand, people like Mayawati, Mullayam Yadav and Mamta Bannerjee have the respect of their supporters (for better or for worse).
Narendra modi

The BJP CM’s are a good example of such people. However, the best example of this kind is Narendra Modi who has earned his position in politics because of hard work and performance even in the face of a tsunami of negativity against him. After ten years or proving himself over and over again, he has earned the respect of a lot of his non-political detractors. Even the political ones sometime praise him by mistake. We all know that right now, his own party leaders are the biggest bumps on his road to New Delhi. We all know that Modi is going to win in Gujarat. What is crucial is that he wins big. Why? I will try to make a few points.

1. As per common wisdom, a big win is expected to shut up all of Modi detractors in the BJP. A big win will firmly place him on the top of the heap and then all the party leaders will fall behind him. Why? It is because such a victory will earn him the support of the lower to mid level workers of the party. In the last UP elections, eastern UP BJP leaders wanted Modi to campaign and rejuvenate the grass root level workers. BJP’s abject failure in UP clearly indicated that leaders who have not shown any electability in public elections (as opposed to intra-party elections like the kind shown by Gadkari, Sanjay Joshi or those old timers Lalji Tondon, Kalraj Mishra or Rajnath Singh.

2. BJP is in disarray but nothing that cannot be fixed by a charismatic leader who has shown ability to perform and win. Who better than Modi for this task.
Everyone likes to back a winner, which is why Rahul Gandhi is a lonely man right now.

3. You may hate to admit it but road to New Delhi goes through UP. BJP will have to drastically improve their performance in UP and the rest of the Hindi belt to win the next general elections. While other BJP CMs are proven performers but Modi is head and shoulders above them in abilities and charisma. A very large block of voters in UP are OBCs. Modi being an OBC is most likely to capture their attention. The Hindu middle class who has been repeatedly double-crossed by Mayawati and Mullayam Yadav are low hanging fruits in UP ready to be picked by someone who can promise them performance without corruption. No one has more credibility than Narendra Modi in the entire nation.

4. If Hindutva was the only issue which would win the elections for the BJP then there are other leaders. But we all know that while it may win at a local level but at the national level, it is not enough. On the other hand, diluting the BJP’s Hindu nationalistic ideology is out of the question. Trying to appeal to the Muslim is a total waste of time. We, therefore, need someone who embodies Hindu nationalism while demonstrating the ability to perform. Modi is the perfect answer to that quandary.

5. A significant number of seats in UP and regaining the lost seats in Rajasthan will place BJP on terra firma. The NDA allies will fall into place and back Modi despite of their love for Muslim votes. Nitish Kumar’s Deputy CM is an old time RSS hand. Winning cures all the side effects of the disease called pseudo-secularism and Modi is a proven winner. He is the only one who can appeal to all Hindus from the entire caste spectrum. OBCs can vote for him because he is one of them. Others can vote because he can perform and repeat the Gujarat experiment for the entire nation.

6. We need some strong dalit and tribal leaders. The ST’s from Gujarat have repeatedly proven to be loyal BJP supporters. Maybe Modi can identify some upstart leaders and groom them. There are many dalit leaders in the BJP. It is of paramount importance to groom them and make the BJP umbrella even larger.

All this CAN happen. We need strong leadership who are winners, organizers and performers and can go out and enthuse and inspire the party workers who can then go out and mobilize the Hindu voters to stand behind proven leadership and put India back on the road to recovery.
We need Narendra Modi.

India needs Narendra Modi.

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