If you are a true Gujarati must know these10 Sure Signs. This Post is for you only

Let’s start this list with a common Gujarati greeting, Jai Shree Krishna. Presenting ten sure signs of a true blue Gujarati.
1. They can never get lost in the US
You’re not a true Gujarati unless you’ve atleast one relative in the US. On a serious note, everyone from every community goes abroad, but Gujjus have been there, done that. They have the highest household income of all ethnic groups in the US.

2. They are super foodies
Their favorite summer food is Keri no ras (Homemade mango pulp) & winter food is Undhiyu (Mixed vegetable dish that includes yam and beans) Yumm.

Sunday mornings: Jalebi + Gathiya

Image source Gujaratis favorite breakfast combo. Ask your Gujju friend.

3. They can dance Garba gracefully for hours

Image source

The best time to visit Gujarat is during the Navratri festival. Young and old, dressed beautifully in colorful cholis, ghagras, bandhani dupattas, turbans and kedias dance throughout the night till dawn. Keep calm and do Garba.

4. They have a shrewd business acumen

Planning to venture out? Talk to your Gujju friend for advice. ‘Nuff said already.

5. They are natural kite flyers coz they never miss Uttarayan

Image source

Uttarayan is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Gujarat. If you find a Gujju who’s not a good kite flyer, you can be assured that he hasn’t spent much time in his hometown.

6. They know all the secret sources to get a bottle of ‘You Know What I Mean’


Gujarat is a dry state.

7. Awesome Gujarati Weddings with amazing food

Never miss a Gujarati wedding. You get tons of mouth-watering food to feast on, dance garba, dress colorful and go crazy.

8. They always sport the latest fashion trend

You can safely take fashion tips from most Gujaratis. They’re always in vogue.

9. They have killer negotiation skills
Going for a shopping spree? Never hurts to tag a Gujju friend along. They will get you the best dress for even a better price. Bargaining level 9000. It’s not called cheap, it’s called skill.

10. Gujaratis are bravehearts as they come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel

If you ever find a coward Gujju, send her to us. She can’t be real.

We may be right, we may be wrong, but the fact remains that it’s awesome to have a Gujju friend for life. What say?
There was a time I used to run away from the idea of joining education as my field because somehow I was not interested to go into teaching. "Teacher" as a profession looked boring.

Then eventually, I got to clear the entrance exam of University of Delhi for B.Ed. and entered CIE, Central Institute of Education. Obviously everything was very different then what I usually studied. I mean how in any world, a Chemistry graduate would understand Philosophy, Psychology and sociology!

And that 9 months course gifted me a roller coaster ride with "n" number of twists and turns which made me love my stay here starting with the table tennis and badminton to Physics, chemistry and school evaluation.. and finally around the end I found myself in love with Psychology and Philosophy as well.

A girls who never ever found herself comfortable in speaking amidst the whole class has by then given so many presentations that boosted her confidence level and her capability of arguing with facts. I am thankful!

I now can even declare that everyone on this Earth must do B.Ed. from CIE and no-where else.

Even if you dont become a teacher in future, this institution guides you towards being a better human being and polishes your thought processes. Even to live life in a better way this helps a lot. We can now think about one situation in 50 different ways, and all in "right" direction. Isn't it great? Overall Personality development occurs and you dont even realize that you are being groomed.

I have never seen teachers so supportive anywhere else.

Now when I am taught in my Post-graduation by a lecturer who's also a B.Ed. from CIE, it reflects entirely in his way of teaching. I feel proud to be an alumni of this institution.

CIE even has power to purify those rusted brains like that of Mulayam Singh, I bet. Send him to any of my teachers there and she/he will transform them into responsible citizens.

Its been almost a year since I passed out but the memories are intact!
Only Narendra Modi Can Stop Modi Now. It Is Modi Versus Modi In 2014

My friend told me about a town hall kind of meeting on Google + which was hosted by Madhu Trehan. It turns out that Modi was to be THE guest but with the involvement of NDTV in the event, they tried to turn it into an American style meeting where all the aspirants for the top job answer similar questions and are judged by the voters. It is clear what Trehan and NDTV were looking at – an interview with Narendra Modi which would have been a coup of sorts, not to mention a TRP juggernaut with lots of advertisement money. The bigger question (for a Modi supporter like me) is what Modi gets out of it?
By appearing in this kind of a show, the participants try to show who the better candidate is. But for a clear cut front runner like Modi, this is a lose-lose proposition. Once on the show, he would be at the mercy of his enemies i.e. the media. He would not be able to walk off the interview (like he did with that jerk Thapar) without sounding petulant. On the interview he would have gone up against an upstart trouble maker like Kejriwal and a parolee like Lalloo Yadav (Thank you brother Shashi Shekhar). Does Modi need to prove that he is better than Kejriwal or Lalloo? Needless to say, I was very happy when my friend told me that Modi had withdrawn his name from this event.

But this raises a bigger question. Who is Modi running against? Why do the Indian media keep insisting that Kejriwal is a credible opponent to Modi or (miraculously) Rahul is more popular than Modi in TN even though the man is a walking disaster? They do so because the media needs to keep the drama alive and show that they are still relevant in this day and age of social media (where the candidate can directly connect with the voters). What the media are really loath to admit is that Modi is running against himself. Now let us step back and examine the statement. We have two questions.

Who is Modi running against?
Who exactly has the power to stop Modi from becoming the PM?

As far as the first question goes, is it Rahul or Kejriwal or Mamata or Jayalalitha or Nitish or Mulayam or Lalloo? Even if you take the rigged pre-election polls with a fistful of salt, you can safely say that Rahul will NOT be the next PM. Now who else can lay claim to the top job. For that we will have to answer the second question. The only thing that stops Modi from becoming the PM is a hung parliament when one of the vulture-like politicians will swoop in by favorably positioning themselves. This is what Nitish, Jayalalitha and others are hoping. How can Modi stop that from happening? Effective campaigning is the key. Modi has honed this skill in the last three elections in Gujarat where he went up against a tsunami of negativity and still won. He has to be the most vetted politician on the earth so he has nothing to hide. All he needs to do is to connect with those voters who have either not heard about him or are reluctant to vote for him because he belongs to BJPFrom what we are seeing, the man is running an unprecedented campaign with targeted speeches and fantastic oratory. For a while it looked like his own partymen would impede his progress but he has since bested them. He now seems to be going from strength to strength. If he continues on this path then the figure of 272 can be achieved without making Faustian pacts. If he stumbles now or makes a bad decision then things can become uncertain. Only Modi can stop Modi. Yes it truly is Modi versus Modi in the next election.
success has 100 fathers but failures is always orphan
Never forget the Past he gave many glorious moments to India but what stone pelters did at his home.. its not acceptable at all.. Grow up. it was his bad day.. he is not a criminal.

People abusing Yuvraj Singh :

*Don't forget, he was the man due
to whom India won the World Cup.

*He was the one of the person
who fulfilled Sachin's 22 years old

*He was the one who gave us
glorious Six 6's moment

*He is the one who has given lot
and lot of other victories.

Its cricket, Its game. Some day you
score, some day you floor.

Shame on those maniacs who pelted stones at his home. It was just a game sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. Human are most unfaithful and ungrateful animal, so no wonder.
Yuvi, one off day cannot undermine your tremendous contribution in many sweet memories over the years. You may be down today but you are far from being out.
Hi, i am Amrit Admin Of this Blog :)

I would like to share my success story of IBPS PO, SO, Ssc Income Tax Inspector with readers of this blog. Since I had an engineering background My entire family wanted to see me as an Engineer in a Govt. Job, so for the sake of my family after btech I started preparing for GATE and IES exams. i qualified in both but due to some reason i changed my track.

Last year in July 2013 i started preparation for ibps PO, IT Officer and SSC exams. As exams were in October 2013, I had very less time to prepare. Nevertheless, I knew I had to crack it in the first attempt itself. I made a very achievable target. It’s important you know what you can do and what not.
Since I had an engineering background, QA was my strongest section. I revised all old concepts from books and solved one QA paper everybody. Initially don’t bother about your speed and concentrate on the accuracy factor. Few weeks before the exam, you are sure to gain good speed provided you follow the shortcuts and speedy way of solving it.

Don't just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced, successful life.i use the word balanced before successful. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationship, mentalpeace are all in good order.there is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup.there s no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is fullof tensions.
life is one of those races in nursery school where you have to runwith a marble in a spoon kept in your mouth. if the marble falls, there is no point coming first. same is with life where health and relationship are the marble. your striving is only worth itif there is harmony in your life. Else, youmay achieve the success, but this spark, this feeling of being excited and alive, will start to die.
one thing about nurturing the spark - don't take life seriously. Life is not meant to be takenseriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a pre-paid card with limited validity.if we are lucky, we may last another 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to getso worked up?
it's ok, but bunk a few classes, scoring low in couple of papers, goof up a few interviews, take leave from work, Enjoy with your friends, fall in love, little fights with your loved ones. We are people, not programmed devices.
Don't be serious, be sincere 

Finally All Thnks to Some One Very Very special <3, and God :)
Why  America Does Not Want Modi To Win
There is a saying in Urdu – “Begaani shaadi may Abdullah diwaana”. It means that Abdulla is going crazy over someone else getting married. Now the elections in India should be a matter for Indians to either get excited about (if you are the supporter of the perceived front-runner) or concern (if your party is on the verge of defeat). India’s immediate neighbors also have something to think about because the new PM could be a pliant weakling or a strong nationalist. For countries beyond our borders, especially the ones beyond the reach of our missiles, Indian elections should be an awe inspiring democratic exercise at best and an amusing spectacle at worst. Our trading partners have dealt with a socialist regime for over a decade. Now either they will deal with the same socialist government or deal with a more business friendly regime. Ideally they should have nothing to worry about, right?


It seems that anti India Americans, a group adorned (much like a heap of excrement on a manicured lawn) by non-resident Indian leftists or people under their influence are testifying before a perpetual anti Indian Congressman Tom Lantos. Testifying before him is Katrina Lantos (how convenient), John Dayal, Robin Phillips and Joe Pitts (US Congressman on the payroll of Ghulam Nabi Fai who has spent time in jail on charges of spying for Pakistan). I am surprised that Angana Chatterji, Vijay Prashad (nephew of Brinda Karat), Biju Matthew and assorted Anti Indians were not there with their knives. The testimonies were the usual about Hindus, RSS and other groups. Are they trying to influence Indian elections? Yes. Can they really do something about it? The answer to that, thanks all the gods, is a resounding NO. But that is not stopping them from trying. In fact the US, the so called protectors and keepers of Democracy have done all they can to undermine Indian democracy. And it is not just this election. They do so because they want to control, to the best of their abilities, the way India behaves with the rest of the world. It could be racism or because we are followers of a cult / lesser religion called Hinduism. All the Congress PMs have been pliant weaklings. The solo BJP PM so far was a Congressman in Saffron clothing. The thought of Modi as PM, a strong Hindu nationalist, is a scary one to the Americans. Fortunately for us, all their efforts to stop Modi have come to a naught. This latest hearing is the last stand against Narendra Modi, much like the man standing in front of a tsunami with an umbrella.

My response to Tom Lantos and the rest of the people testifying before him is a typical American response: You can kiss my dark brown, hirsute posterior (of course I am paraphrasing).

If Lantos’ constituents find out the amount of money that the US has given in aid to Pakistan since 1947 (especially after correcting for inflation), they would be shocked. If they are truly unbiased people then they will be even more shocked to hear that the percentage of Hindus in Pakistan since 1947 has gone down from 12 to 2. The shock would be greater if they find out how that number has gone down. They will be really flabbergasted to see that their beloved Congressman and his ilk whom they have been electing over and over again like brainless automatons have done absolutely NOTHING about that. Meanwhile the only country where Muslims can not only freely vote but also influence the polity gets berated by the likes of Lantos on a daily basis. Shame on these charlatans!

It is one thing for a leftist rag to write negatively about Hindu conservatives. But for elected officials of a country like US to take stands of this kind is not right. You see, if the next PM of India can jump start the Indian economy and ignore the US and its banks then who is the loser? Isn’t Lantos letting his personal prejudice hurt the Americans? The Europeans, Japanese (Shinzo Abe is looking forward to Modi getting elected) and Chinese have been doing business with Gujarat for a while. I don’t think that Russians or African or South American countries find it distasteful to do business with Hindu nationalists. I would humbly remind Lantos that the US used to and still does business with some of the scummiest people in the world.

My appeal to the Americans is as follows: Please let us exercise our right to vote whomever we want to chose. Stand with us and celebrate Democracy. Otherwise stop preaching and changing regimes the world over in the name of democracy. 
Self Destruction Of Bjp. Why Bjp Is On Self Destruction.?Many humans have demons in their head; real or imaginary. They fight these demons in different ways. Some self-flagellate to punish themselves for some sins, some destroy their relationships or opportunities. There is this true story about a man who had everything a person could ever have. He was a good fighter, had good income, family and fame but his demons turned him in to a monster. Every emotion known to humankind was in abundance in him; love, anger, humour, hate, rage, jealousy, greed, intrigue, revenge, trust, suspicion, self-interest and self-loathing. You name it he had it. You may have heard of “Raging Bull” in reference to stock markets but the original story is of a boxer named Jake La Motta. Jake’s story is not very different from Shakespeare’s Othello. The only difference is that Jake delivered justice to himself inside the ring. He dealt punishment to his wife for his jealousy and suspicions, or to his brother, or to the mafia or he punished himself for his sins.

The movie “Raging Bull” is the story of Jake (Robert De Niro), one of the most extremely self-destructive characters. It is not about boxing and the movie has just about 10 minutes of boxing scenes. But those 10 minutes of boxing are some of the most vicious, graphic and bloodiest scenes ever put on film. And the scenes are not from the spectator’s seat, it is from right inside the ring. Let’s watch a bit (4.30 mins):

During his career and after retirement Jake had lost all his relationships. He had become a pitiful tub of lard and a pathetic stand-up comedian. Yet, by the time the movie ends, one feels a strange sense of sympathy for this vicious character. Sympathy for a loser! Every emotion and intrigue that Jake embodied can also be found in organisations with lots of people in them. In regular business organisations, NGOs, media houses, religious organisations and, most of all, in political parties. Let’s get back home.

The BJP is not exactly Jake La Motta but the party is suffering the consequences of all the negative human emotions of Jake that I listed earlier. Jealousy, intrigue, cunning and much more. At a time when the world’s most corrupt party among democracies should be thrown out the BJP is hell-bent on scoring self-goals. Not a single major event or decision in the party passes without controversy and mud-slinging. All of it cannot be passed under the garb of “we are a democratic” party. This is self-deception in implying democratic parties can never arrive at decisions in a cohesive manner defeats its purpose. To add to this, they have made some atrocious attempts to enrol the scumbags of India like Pramod Muthalik and Sabir Ali. Both had to be thrown out after their cadres and supporters revolted. Neither of these two scumbags would have brought any positive value to the party.

The tragedy is that on a day a video of a guy called Imran Masood (Congress) issuing threats to Modi surfaced the media was compelled to focus more on the comic self-goal of enrolling a character like Sabir Ali. I have to say this and say this bluntly: there are certain very senior leaders in the party who are no different from the pathetic stand-up comic that Jake had become. They are often referred to as “tall leaders” of the party. They may be tall but their height simply cannot be allowed to cloud a common goal of victory. Tall leaders need to demonstrate greatness and not engineer petty squabbles. Imagine, the Congress has been reduced to rubble with only Rahul Gandhicampaigning for them. And all this young child can talk about as solution to the country’s problems is “Love”. What kind of juvenile jerk talks of love and affection to the poor, backward, Tribals and Adivasis who have been deceived for ages by the Congress? In their arrogance the BJP appears to have taken victory for granted because the Congress appears to be losing.

Three months ago four of the current BJP CMs delivered a stinging blow to the Congress in the state elections. It wasn’t very different from the battering Jake delivers to Janiro. He delivers a bloody and brutal knock out. It is the conduct of some of the party’s members that makes people wish there were other options too. Fortunately for them, another juvenile jerk has made a thorough fool of himself with his street antics. We are now into the final phase when elections will commence. Any more bumps are bound to cause severe damage. A huge majority of the nation has backed Narendra Modi for PMship. It is time these sideshow actors in the party openly throw their full weight behind him and avoid any serious accident.

Jake La Motta had lost his title once over his personal demons. The BJP lost power in 2004 out of faulty appeasement policies of ABV and complacency. When he gets a second shot at the title Jake’s demons had grown so huge that he feels the only way to redeem himself is to take a severe pounding and then prove he wasn’t knocked out. There is a lot BJP can learn from him. Not being knocked out is not victory. The party is only one step away from self-destruction should there be another accident. There are BJP leaders who keep making odd statements which seem to originate from a Jake-size ego. There are regulars but even people like Shivraj Chauhan stated yesterday that he wants Modi as PM but Modi can’t work alone. Is there any intelligence in that statement? Why make such dumb statements in the first place?

If the BJP screws up, they will end up like pathetic stand-up comics and would have let down a whole nation waiting in hopes of a change. They should prepare for a 272-knock-out of the CongressPlus and not attempt a 160-points victory. One more major accident is sure to cause serious self-destruction. source mediacrooks
Rope-a-dope Modi VS Limp-wristed Left Kejriwal, Why Modi is the real aam aadmi.
Rope-a-dope was a technique perfected by boxing great Muhammad Ali who would stand against the ropes, which allows much of the opponent’s punch's energy to be absorbed by the ropes' elasticity rather than the his body. The opponent tires himself out after which Ali used his energy to beat his opponent.

The entire Congress machinery aided by the leftist media and NGOs used Godhra as a way to beat Modi for twelve years. Modi absorbed those punches using his performance in Gujarat as his protective ropes. He won three state elections in the interim. He used social media as counter punches with meticulous planning which in my opinion will become a case study for future politicians. Every move that he has made so far speaks of his political and organizational genius. The Indian political landscape which was in ruins thanks to a decade long inept BJP leadership and raping and pillaging of the land by Congress led UPA, now seems to be ready for a spring. Yes. Time has come for Modi, the Muhammad Ali of politics to wreak havoc on his political opponents.

We have written way too many times on this topic but after seeing Rajdeep Sardesai attack MJ Akbar and Akbar’s weak defense, I felt compelled to revisit the topic. Sardesai is a smart guy and knows that his (and his ilk’s) 12 year crusade against Narendra Modi lies in ruins. Akbar’s change of heart seems like the straw that broke the leftist’s back. Elitist snobs, who speak English fluently, wear fancy suits, drive around in German cars, attend Christmas masses without being of the faith, fancy themselves as the keepers of the Indian secularism, pretend to fight for the very man he adroitly exploits and treats everything Hindu and Indian as an invective finds himself outsmarted and completely defeated by a common Hindu conservative man, a real aam aadmi like Narendra Modi (NOT YOU KejriwalModi is the real aam aadmi). That was the demeanor of Sardesai. I only wish Akbar had done a better job defending his stand. It is Akbar’s bad luck that he now realizes that the best hope for the country’s betterment lies with the kind of man he has deplored all his life and the kind of ideology he has berated. I really like MJ Akbar and enjoy his wisdom even though I may not agree with him all the time. He will bring a different point of view to the party which will be welcome in a party with real internal democracy.

The road to the present was not a smooth one and the road ahead promises to be bumpier. Having bested his enemies outside the part with his own brand of political rope-a-dope, Modi seems to be battling the enemies inside. The intrepid Madhu Kishwar claims that there exists a cabal within BJP which she calls the 160 club. As per her, this club is doing its best to restrict the number of seats won by the BJP to 160 which will enable the vultures within the party to step in and take over the reins. Efforts of this cabal (no need to name names because everyone knows who they are) are evident but seem to be failing. For a pugilist like Modi who has been battling his entire career, this cabal is the proverbial small potato.

One of the things that seem to be bothering a lot of BJP supporters (and rightly so) are the induction of erstwhile Modi baiters. However I am going to put that in the file called realpolitik. Due to pathetic leadership of the BJP in the last decade, the party was all but wiped out in a number of states. To win those states back, ugly choices had to be made. At the end of the day, I have to put my faith with a winner like Modi. Hopefully Baba Bholenath will protect him from Islamic terrorists and the voters will find it in their hearts to brave the elements and come out in large numbers to vote. We really are fighting for the future of the country. We can elect rope-a-dope Modi or any of the limp-wristed leftists. Speaking of leftists, please look at the picture above. Leaders are supposed to inspire. Does this guy look like he can inspire anyone?
That thing Called love


For love is never about how many times you get together and then get separated from a person. Love is about whether at the end of the day you can see a smile on the lips of the person you love. Love isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about smiling because she’s smiling, crying because she’s crying, laughing because she’s laughing. In love, there are no conditions, there are no rules. The biggest challenge in love is to love itself. And every man who loses his heart to a girl is a winner in love. Because in love there are no losers.

RAHUL : "They had found love, and believe me i.e. one hard thing to get. Yet, they had somehow managed to find a reason to break up and be miserable

“Love is much stranger than the human mind can understand. When everything seems perfect, it is then that the truth of life decides to show its ugly face.”

“That night at DT,” I began referring to that fateful night when Anjali had almost left me before a bottle had crashed against my head, “when that bottle crashed on my head-I felt my world falling apart. That night as I fell down on my knees and felt my own blood, I was so scared…I was so terrified…of losing you. And in that moment I realized what you meant to me…what you had really brought into my life. Then I saw you, running towards me, to help me, just moments after you had said that you would never see me again and I promised myself that if I could just get up, walk over to you and tell you how much I need you, how much I want you…then nothing else matters. It was all I needed. All I wanted. And all this that I have done tonight is nothing but an appreciation, a thank you for being a part of my life and giving me a reason to live on, to push on and let me believe that come what may-life indeed is beautiful. As long as it has you.”

Tonight it ends. Tears or smiles, sadness or happiness, love or hate…tonight it ends. I have been waiting for this moment to arrive ever since I can remember and now, as each passing second brings me closer home to the truth, I wish the final answer can be delayed that bit longer. A huge knot is buried in the pit of my stomach and the nervousness on my face hidden only by a smile that I have just managed to muster up. Yet, despite gulping down the glass of wine in just over a second and still
feeling its effect in the pit of my stomach, I some how have a quiet confidence within me. For there was no reason I shouldn’t be smiling at the end of this evening. And there were hundreds of reasons I could think for why I shouldn’t be crying. Hopefully, this evening will be the most memorable of my life. But come what may, tonight it will end. Under this glistening moonlight, the story that began years ago will finally get its conclusion tonight.
As the fog cleared from my eyes, I could see her silhouetting figure walking towards me. As she approached closer, I saw her smile at me, that same beautiful smile which I remembered from years ago. Her face was shining as if the reflection of the moon’s light was lighting up her face, her ethereal beauty bringing a fragrance to the atmosphere like only she could. A silver gown adorned her beautiful body, her hair let loose but for a clip and as she came up to me and slowly pecked me on my cheeks, I saw myself losing to the memories of all those years ago, the memories which had given me so much happiness and at the same time so much pain, the memories that I had tried so hard to leave behind me as if just a figment of my imagination and yet somehow, today I found myself recalling those moments once more, recalling those days as if living a past that had been some one else’s……..

Break UP
“Because I don’t love you.”
Those words could kill a person. And they usually do. Not in the physical way-no stabbings or gunshots here. Just that those words bore your heart like a drill machine and shred it into a thousand pieces.

Any one and I mean anyone who says those words just doesn’t understand what love means. Because to say that you don’t love some one basically means to say he means nothing to you. I mean you can say you hate some one or you love some one-but what does you don’t love some one mean? Since the opposite of love is hate and you are saying that you love some one in a negative sense, so does this mean you hate some one? Ah…leave it!! You are already confused!

But the thing is I had no idea how badly these words could hurt a person at that time. All I remember is uttering those words and then seeing that complete change of expression on my then girl friend, Sneha’s face. Her face had gone from bewildered to upset to mad to just plain crazy in a few minutes. I had no idea I could have that kind of effect on women. And it in no reflected my sex appeal.
“What do you mean you don’t love me?” I heard Sneha say. See what I mean? When you say you don’t love some one you aren’t exactly telling a person what he or she means to you.

I looked at her, shrugged my shoulders and said, “Means I just don’t think we have a future together. I mean I really like you, I do but…” and saying this I started moving forward with my hands stretched in front so that I could hug her one last time and just when I was about to hold her in my arms, she ducked and backed off.
“Are you in love with some one else?”
I heard those words and thought to myself, ‘she just doesn’t understand, does she?’
“Do you love some one else, Rahul?” I heard her ask again.
I thought to myself, ‘Does not loving her mean that I have to love some one else? Is it necessary that you love some one or the other at every point of time?’
Yes, I could think pretty deep too. I mean I wasn’t that shallow a person if you know what I mean.
So hoping to clear matters once and for all I said, “Sneha, listen! I know this is difficult and I really have had a great time with you but baby, at times in life it’s important to move on. You can’t hold on to the past forever. And I do love….

That slap would haunt me for years later. So many times I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night dreaming about those hands tearing across my cheeks as if they were a punching bag. If any slap could ever leave a lasting impression, then that one surely did. But the punishment had just begun.

“You little scoundrel,” I heard her say, holding my right cheek hoping it didn’t fall off and the echoes of her slap still vibrating in my ears. “You were cheating behind my back, weren’t you? Who was that witch?” And then she grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and coming on to my face said, “You men are all the same. All little rascals, always waiting for the next prey. Hoping to take advantage of the next girl whom you lay your eyes on and then not hesitating to cheat on her with the next one.” ‘Strong words those,’ I thought.

Sneha then left my collar and turned back. I was hoping she would walk off now. Instead I saw her turn, the fire still burning in her eyes and well, her tongue as well. She continued ranting. “Well, if you think I am going to cry or sulk because you are seeing some road side witch, then you are damn wrong. I am done with you and your childish immaturity. I have never seen a more insensitive scum bag in my entire life and,” her voice reached fever pitch, her face fully concentrated on landing the final blow and then I heard her scream, “AS OF NOW THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVEEEERRRRRRRRR!” And with this she turned back and walked away! Oh wait! She didn’t walk away completely. After walking about twenty feet, she turned and walked back towards me. Coming up to me, she looked at me in the eye for a few seconds and then suddenly I felt her heel on my legs and I caught my foot yelping in pain. She then pushed me to the ground and I felt the taste of the sand on my tongue. With that she walked off. In front of the entire college. My humiliation was complete...

My Thinking For True LOVE

And that’s how it all began. With a break up and well, a slap. Most stories usually have their intermission at this point, but this story isn’t about break up’s and make up’s. It goes beyond that. For love is never about how many times you get together and then get separated from a person. Love is about whether at the end of the day you can see a smile on the lips of the person you love. Love isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about smiling because she’s smiling, crying because she’s crying, laughing because she’s laughing. In love, there are no conditions, there are no rules. The biggest challenge in love is to love itself. And every man who loses his heart to a girl is a winner in love. Because in love there are no losers.

If I ever got a chance to get back at Sneha, I swore to myself, I wouldn’t let it slip. That witch deserved to die. Heck, if I had a pistol right now, I would have shot her right in the middle of her forehead. Point blank. That’s how she deserved to die.

But then that’s exactly how I felt about each one of my ex-girlfriends. I immediately started calculating. On my hit list there were now 5, no, 6 girls. Six ex-girlfriends. And each one of them as bad as the other one. Each break up worse than the other one. I somehow seemed to sweep girls off their feet, just that when I brought them down, I fell harder than they did.
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