Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is being aired on Colors TV featuring Shakti Arora as Ranveer and Radhika Madaan as Ishaani as the protagonists.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Se is a love story between Ranveer and Ishaani when a change in fate will force Ranveer to play match maker between Ishaani and another guy.

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Presenting wallpapers of the star cast of the show:

Our TV shows, the daily soaps used to come out as an inspiration for the viewers many times, like Diya aur Baati Hum that showed the path to the glorious post of an IPS officer, or Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, in which people are allowing their daughters to play hockey and join fashion designing as a profession and fight against corruption, against blind faith, against every bloody thing. There are many more inspirational TV serials in the list.
But now one more trend has started, a trend to show women in the house as a weak victim to male ego. They are beaten, restricted at homes, used as sex objects in many of these serials. Latest addition to which is "Doli Armaanon Ki" which is aired on Zee TV. If it is done to gain TRPs and if the TRPs are really going up then we are sick. If we enjoy a lady being beaten up then we are really sick.
A still from "Doli Armaano Ki"

Now you all would go on and tell me that you want to witness the fight back of that lady against the evils of our society. I mean seriously?
You want to let the lady being inhumanly beaten up, tortured directly by her husband, so that she could just stand up the other day, go to the police station and then cry her heart out to just prove that her severe condition is due to her husband only and she has not cooked it all herself.
You call it a fightback? Okay fine then.

But why not such kind of a fight back for a man? I have never seen male members of a family going to a police station to demand justice against their wives. Why are we promoting actually this kind of a society?
Okay, you want us, the citizens to learn from it? There are other ways too.

Divert! Look around. World has grown. Show women empowerment and let a girl child learn what all are her rights.

"Sadda Haq"
Ever heard of Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice aired on Channel V? It is a story of a girl named Sanyukta Agarwal, who's grown up in a patriarchal society, her father and brother loves her a lot but do not want to fulfill her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer because "she is a girl". So, she runs away from her house to join her college as a mechanical engineering student where at every step she has to take up an exam, an exam to prove herself in front of the male ego, so-called masculinity of the society. And eventually she transformed a "Male Chauvinist Pig" into a human being, Randhir Singh Shekhawat, now respects her intelligence and good-will.
Now, this is called a fightback.
Think about this issue once!
Stay tuned!

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is an Indian television show, which has premiered on 24 June 2014 on Colors TV. The show is an Indian soap opera produced by Ekta Kapoor under the banner Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan as the protagonists. The show also marks the comeback of Gauri Pradhan Tejwani (better known as Nandini from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) to television after five years.

As the promo suggests, the protagonists Ranveer and Ishaani have grown up with each other, with probably Ranveer's family being serving Ishaani's family. And hence its a bit difficult for two people of entirely different classes to fall for each other and most importantly to tie up with each other any day. This is the reason probably why Ranveer is seen hiding Ishaani his love for her.
As the tagline says, "Uski hai hasrat, jise paane ki nahi haisiyat".

This one-sided love story will taking another turn when being loyal towards Ishaani's family Ranveer will be asked to find a perfect match for her. So, Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Se is a love story between Ranveer and Ishaani when a change in fate will force Ranveer to play match maker between Ishaani and another guy.

To be a bit critical, the similar kind of plot is seen in "Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se" where Raghu is a servant at Shivani's house, they both eventually got married due to some circumstances and now Raghu is not able to express his love for Shivani as he thinks she is his boss's daughter anyhow and a responsibility to him. It'll be something exciting to discover how this show is going to portray this beautiful love story of Ranveer and Ishaani differently.

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If you keep searching for the meaning of life you might not find what you wish for. The meaning of life varies from person to person and it is worthless in setting a pursuit for finding the meaning of life.

What actually should be the purpose of life?

Live the present moment of life, have a foresight but don't worry taking risks. Extend your hands of warmth to people who need, greediness and selfishness might bring you material but they will never fill the incomplete part of you. If you are happy with what you are doing, clear of its consequences and ready to face it, you are living a life.

I don't really believe in god but I don't mind sharing actual religious ideas with friends and family who do. I don't want to hurt their sentiments they have preserved since childhood, I definitely stop them from practicing blind faith but never I dare to make them go nuts over this.

This is what I used to think about life 3-4 years ago, then something happened and at the same time meaning of life also changed for me. In one word Life is Change or Change is Life.

Then again I went through some tragedies back to back in recent past and got my own health, career, actually all of my life got screwed up and kind of surrounded by problems again n again.

Life has been too rough.

Then, I read a few books. Watched some movies etc.,

And came to a conclusion,

We all are just connected by emotions. There is nothing like "made in heaven" or crap.
Brainwash a person.. bhoop.. Emotions gone.. and strangers yet again.. This is my perspective about life. Get least emotionally attached to people, whether it be your blood relative, wife, husband or whatever.

And regarding God for what he has been doing here, My mom being so much God loving, she still says "there must be something good in this".
But now I do not have any positive faith in him. He has been more of a devil to me. And I in fact doubt his existence now.

Simple funda- help others keep smiling. Make others smile. But don't let anyone else become the reason for your smile. Stay balanced in all situations.

Live life the way u want!
Top 10 Inspiring Quotes which will give wings to your dreams.

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.
If you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault.
Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater.
You do not require an invitation to make profits.
Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.

Meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is my expectation.

We cannot change our rulers, but we can change the way they rule us.
Only when you dream it you can do it.

Challenge negative forces with hope, self-confidence and conviction. I believe that ambition and initiative will ultimately triumph.

Between my past, the present and the future, there is one common factor: Relationship and Trust. This is the foundation of our growth.
If you work with determination and with perfection, success will follow.

True entrepreneurship comes only from risk-taking.
This won't be an exaggeration if I say that the episode of Sadda Haq today was intensely one of its kind in depicting SanDhir Hug and the emotional outburst.

Have you ever seen enemies taking care of each other? Or doing every bit to ease off their enemy's dejected soul?
Never heard, right?

But the two die hard enemies in our very own show Sadda Haq, i.e., Randhir and Sanyukta, would  do every bit to protect and woo each other in spite of the fact that the entire FITE knows about their Tom and Jerry fights.

After the whole lot of Parth's sweet friendship overdose this week's episodes were a treat to all SanDhir fans, specially todays episode. Talking about myself, I actually locked myself in my room exactly at 6:30 pm so that nobody disturbs me for the amazing heart wrenching section of our coconut shell Randhir. Yes, a coconut shell, who is so rude and impossible from outside but delicate and vulnerable from inside as Sanyukta quotes in the previous episode.

I know its impossible to put in words the warmth and overflow of emotions portrayed by them on-screen but here I've tried my best.

The moment Randhir heard from Vidushi about the divorce of his parents he almost lost his senses, and after reading the entire letter he felt like everything, every damn thing was over for him. I thought he would again shout at Sanyukta but no, he was too weak, or should I say too broken to do that. Then I thought Sanyukta will go away listening to the harsh tone of Randhir as always. But no, She was too caring to do so. She followed him to every corner of the college with her loving words and caring gestures. Finally in the lab beside that shelf he could not stand further, Randhir collapsed in front of her lady love, totally broken.

You all must have witnessed how rightfully then Randhir rested his head on Sanyukta's lap as if she's his wife or mother and even Sanyukta could not help but caressing his hair calming him down. and then the sudden movement of Randhir that left Sanyukta bewildered for a moment. He hugged her so tightly as if there was no tomorrow and he wanted every bit of solace that very moment. The moment Sanyukta hugged him back I could see the endless love in her eyes for Randhir. As his sobs grew louder he knew at that moment he had someone to share that agony with and hence he went on. His words, "Sanyukta, yahan koi kisi ka nahi hota", killed something inside not only Sanyukta but all of us. How could we see someone dying and crying whom we love to the utmost extent?

Most importantly, Randhir was in his senses wile he was hugging Sanyukta and demanding solace from her.

Sanyukta's reply was even more unexpected as she said "I am always there for you". And the way he retorted back saying "tum jhooth bol rahi ho, koi kisi ka nahi hota".

They both are unaware of the strong bond that has been developed between their hearts. They are unaware that they love and care for each other so unconditionally.

I won't be lying if I say that I cried for the entire episode looking at Randhir crying. And I can bet that not everybody has this talent to make me cry with the way he acts. But Param Singh (Randhir) made the broken Randhir so real complemented so aptly by Harshita Gaur (Sanyukta) that I could not help it.

Let the love story prosper!
rape in up
Rapes In UP: Should Dalits Convert To Islam For Safety?

President Kennedy in a speech supporting the West Germans said “ Ich bin ein Berliner”. I am going to paraphrase it and say that I am writing this article as a dalit (even though I am not one – my caste is totally irrelevant to my ideas. What is of importance is that I am a Conservative Hindu Indian). I am extremely angry at the rapes and worse of hapless dalit girls in UP. This is not to say that girls of higher castes are spared but the ones belonging to the lower castes are being raped and killed by men of upper caste with a sense of entitlement. It is as if these girls are somehow less than human and thus okay to be treated as such. Like the Nazis treated the Jews or the Pakistanis treated Hindus in East Pakistan. It is this sense of entitlement combined with extreme cruelty which has left me confused and angry.

We on this blog have written a large number of posts on this and related topics. We have analyzed reasons for such heinous acts and our culpability in these crimes as a society. I am not going to go into it today. What I want to do is ask questions from a dalit point of view (an impossible task as I have no idea of the suffering that they go through but will try nevertheless).

Dalits have suffered unspeakable cruelty at the hands of people from upper caste. The incidences have gone down and the methods have become more subtle but the discrimination and the tormenting continues unabated. A cursory read of the Manusmriti is enough to convert any conscientious conservative Hindu into a liberal. For example it says : If he mentions the names and castes of the (twice born) with contumely, an iron nail, ten fingers long, shall be thrust red hot into his mouth. (Manu VIII. 271). No one does the aforementioned anymore but forcing a girl to drink acid comes pretty damned close.

Yet another newly empowered group of Hindus has joined the upper caste Hindus and seem to be outdoing them in cruelty. The OBC Hindus who have recently acquired political power are using it with impunity and cruelty. I have no authority or intention of casting aspersions on the entire OBC community. I would like to acknowledge that some of the tallest Hindu leaders including our respected PM belong to that community. However, OBCs in TN and UP empowered by the gundaraj of DMK and SP respectively have taken it upon themselves to victimize Hindu dalits in the worst possible ways. While DMK is on its way to the political dustbin, the Yadav clans of Western UP are creating the kind of terror that seems impossible without political backing or at the very least a wink and nod arrangement. Hell, the SP chief referred to rapes as mistakes by boys who will be boys. To top it all, the entire lower level police department in UP is filled with incompetent men who have bribed their way in. So I ask you. Do the dalits in UP have a prayer? Some unfortunate dalit’s daughter has been kidnapped. In an interview with the press, the man claims to know who has kidnapped her but he is helpless. His repeated visits and appeals to IG and DIG level officers have yielded nothing.

So how do these orphans of Hinduism protect themselves? They need to get some political leverage. Clearly the status quo is no good. Now what if they convert to Islam? If they do, they suddenly will become the chosen children of the Indian liberals, Congress, SP, BSP, Trinamul Congress, NCP, AIDMK, DMK and various Communist Parties.

So dear reader, do you like my suggestion? I as a dalit am totally helpless and this seems an easy way out. As it is, you have no room for me in your society. You can host Commonwealth games for over 25000 Crores rupees and yet our women have to go out to the fields for toilet purposes. Forget employment, home, education or health, at least keep me alive. Can you do that? You find it difficult to look at the pictures of our daughters raped and hung on a tree because it pains you. Imagine the kind of pain those two girls must have felt. Now I ask you once again - Should I convert to Islam? If not then what are you willing to do for me?

We as voters have failed them. Voting for the SP by a large margin in the last election was a cruel mistake which has since been rectified in the general elections. BJP has been voted in. Rajnath Singh is the new Home Minister. Instead of worrying about losing Internal Security to reorganization, the man should stand up and do something to protect the helpless. Clearly Akhilesh Yadav cannot do anything. Maneka Gandhi who is Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development (another rare mistake by Narendra Modi) should realize that it will take a lot more than offering platitudes to solve this problem. Feminists and women from the left who normally save their tears for Muslims and anger towards conservative Hindus need to step out and take matters in their hands.

As you can tell by my rants that I am angry and confused. I have been a faithful supporter of Bhai Narendra Modi and will continue to be that (may he win big in 2019 and 2024) but I want to see some concrete action on this matter. If Rajnath Singh is not going to do anything then Bhai Narendra needs to dispatch his man Friday, Amit Shah to UP. Maybe Shah can go to UP and win this battle as well as he did the last one.
storm in delhi
By Chance I was out in the market when this happened around 5 pm. In the matter of few minutes darkness was scattered all around and I marched towards the auto stand to rush towards home as the weather was not looking merciful anyhow. The moment I occupied a seat in the auto rickshaw sky was howling with the dust particles, huge bunch of them, dancing all around ith the fierce wind. Yes, it was a dust storm. My auto rickshaw companions could not even open their eyes to look around when I thankfully was sitting in the opposite corner of the motion of the vehicle and the dust wind was not hitting me coincidentally.

It was like a giant figure dancing in front of u, stopping us to go ahead. As the vehicle moved further it started raining. With no particular direction of the wind the rain stream was falling here and there and sometimes even going horizontally hopping into the auto rickshaw accompanying the whole lot of dust. Trees along roadside were moving so briskly as if they just went insane on the sudden arrival of an unwanted havoc-player.

Moving forward, we could hear the ringing bell kind of sound overhead on the roof of the auto rickshaw continuously. They were those ice-pieces (which delhites would call "olay") falling from the sky. I thought its just too much, I mean, how can we get everything in one go - the dust storm, heavy rain and now falling snow pieces (I avoid calling it as a snowfall because they are just small pieces of ice).

My thoughts were engulfing me strongly. How happy we would be if it was just a heavy rain. but no, it was weird combo of everything.

Just then the vehicle took a hault. I thought something went wrong with it but soon I realised that the driver could not actually make out the way ahead in the darkness, scary wind and heavy rainfall. As we were standing on the road with the engine of the rickshaw off, I could feel continuous jerk that was pushing us forward. As the driver says, "even when the engine is off I had to hit on to the brakes to keep the auto rickshaw still".

We were just waiting for the storm to ease off so that wev do not hit others on our way in that hazy weather. Well, it didn't stop but reduced to some extent and we moved ahead.

The other half of the journey was filled with the consequences of the rain-storm. On the straight road almost 10 tress were tore-fallen on the road blocking it creating massive traffic jam. One of the trees had flattened a brand new car falling forcefully on it. Electric wires were broken down here and there and then I knew there's no hope of power at home too. People were gossiping about it, on eof them said, "We could not stand on our own, the wind was taking us away with it". The other one came up with, "not only people, everything was flying all around. IKt was terrifying".

The next day newspaper was full of the deatiled scary outline of the 1 and a half hours of the havoc. 14 died and we could do just nothing.

For me, it was devilish yes, but an "experience to look back upon!
what exactly is education? 
Smriti Irani
John Sculley was a top executive at Pepsi and had everything going for him. At a time when Steve Jobs and his partner (Steve Wozniak) were just putting Apple together Jobs wanted Sculley to join the company and be its CEO. A hesitant Sculley was persuaded by a question that is now a famous quote: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world”? It’s often not where you started but where you finish that counts. Jobs had dropped out of college because he felt his calling lay elsewhere. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard the day he spotted an edition of the “Popular Electronics” magazine with a home-computer on its cover in 1975. He and his partner (Paul Allen) met the computer manufacturer and offered to write software for it. In one of his books Gates mentions that he felt he had nothing more to learn from Harvard. Both Jobs and Gates dropped out of college not because they were bad students or bad learners. They dropped out because they had their own visions.

So when Smriti Irani was appointed HRD Minister some folks questioned her educational qualifications for the job. The harsh criticism mostly came from Madhu Kishwar (an anti-Modi turned Pro-Modi activist) and Ajay Maken of the Congress. Naturally, our media then made a big story out of a petty issue. 

It is easy to dismiss a nit-picking politician but that does not answer the question if Smriti’s education or rather lack of it will be a hindrance to her new job. Some analogies that came to the defence of Smriti are also frivolous like this one from “Item-girls” specialist Suhel Seth:

Anyone who has read about Gates would know that he was a child prodigy with software designing and meddling with computers. He used to indulge in that since age 9. And when he saw the opportunity in software while still in Harvard he had a clear vision that one day every desk will have a computer. Classifying Gates as “not educated” is a silly defence for Smriti. Gates had a clear vision which has been borne out by the success of his company and by the fact that many desks in the world do have a computer now. There’s an old joke at Harvard where the Head tells professors: “Be kind to your “A” students because they will come back and be your colleagues. Be kind to your “B” students because they will be prominent public figures like politicians, lawyers. But be particularly kind to your “C” students because they will come back and donate money to our institution”. In other words, even top business schools mostly know which students are likely to succeed in which domain of life. Maybe Smriti had a talent for theatre and acting and maybe that’s why she dropped out of school.

I must mention here that I am only going by reports that she is 12th pass and I won’t bother verifying because it is immaterial to me. If she has filed any affidavits that claim differently that is for scrutiny and for her to clarify. In companies we often tell even the best MBAs “You may be an MBA but imagine you are only 12th pass, you will work like there is no tomorrow and find success”. But the question about Smriti’s education in terms of handling a ministry like HRD is not entirely invalid. After all, what we want to understand is even if she is going to be advised and receive a lot of counsel on policy-making will she be able to comprehend many concepts that form the basis for a good educational policy and HR development? Some with great degrees failed to comprehend good advice. Some with zero formal education who had to start to start with a zero base have often done better jobs. Time will tell.

That brings us to the question on what exactly is education? And that is the true purpose of this post. In simple terms education is a process of acquiring knowledge and skills to face life situations. Schools and colleges are a uniform formal system for such education for the masses. Each stage is a qualifying process for the next. Primary qualifies one for middle school, middle school for higher secondary, higher secondary for college and college for post-graduate and on it goes. This “assembly line” mass education is indeed meant for the masses to offer them enough knowledge and skills to make a reasonable citizen who can make an honourable living. But this system need not be the only one where knowledge and skills are acquired. Many who have found greater success in life have acquired such knowledge and skills from other sources. From the streets, from family, from friends, from experience and, most of all, from their own imagination, curiosity and dreams. At a starting point we tend to respect formal degrees a lot more. For other people we tend to respect their performance outcomes. But in the end in both cases it is finally the performance that counts and earns respect.

Just as Gates was a child prodigy in software, Smriti may have been a child prodigy in acting. Gates has contributed a lot more money to the world than many banks have. Sculley was selling Pepsi but shifted to computers. The reason is simple: Basic principles of sales and marketing remain the same regardless of the product or service. Has Smriti had her education in other ways than formal schooling? The answer would be yes because whatever knowledge and skills she acquired through her own pursuit brought her success. Did she migrate to politics successfully? The answer is yes; she joined politics and became an MP. Whether publicly elected or elected to the RS, she has demonstrated the knowledge and skill to get there. A renowned management firm is known to have once stated that after years of research they discovered there are only two indisputable truths “Water flows down and performance counts”. We have known people to migrate to different domains and responsibilities successfully. Smriti’s test starts now and time will tell whether she was the right choice for the job.

The outrage in some circles both ways; rubbishing Smriti and also dismissing anyone questioning her education stems from at least one possible reason and that is our most educated public figures have performed badly. In particular, people in govt and media with high qualifications from abroad have disappointed. The Macaulay Putris and Putras have heaped most scorn on ordinary Indians. Take a look at Sagarika Ghose:

It doesn’t occur to Sagarika that she spouts the same kind of filth that Mani Aiyar disburses with unrelenting frequency. She and Mani Aiyar are from the same Oxbridge clan. Mani Aiyar has been a darling at her channel for years and a regular panellist. Suddenly, Sagarika discovers Mani Aiyar is “foul mouthed” but didn’t have the guts to say it all this time when Congress was in govt. And why the comparison with Mani Aiyar at all? Why not with Rajdeep Sardesai or Barkha Dutt? They are all from the same clan but it is convenient to trash Mani Aiyar now for Sagarika because he has become irrelevant.

Education is not a limited venture or project. It’s a continuous life-long process. The purpose of formal or informal education is to make our children life-long learners. Any system or policy that contributes to it can do so through many different people with different education and abilities. Our job is to just keep learning. As for Smriti, water flows down, performance counts. That’s it.
Baawre is a new TV venture of Life OK starring Vinita Joshi Thakkar and Abhishek Rawat with the "sutradhar" Neelesh Misra.

The main leads Yamini and Nikumbh belong to the same fraternity but they are miles away in respect of attitude, thinking and opinions.

For detailed storylineClick here!

Presenting wallpapers of the cast:

Smriti Irani
What is Education and  Controversy over Smriti Iraninow a days people don't have a good understanding of what "education" really is... Its a major problem.
people are disputing Smriti's appointment on her capabilities.. thats a different issue.. But "education" is a misguided measure.

Half the people who are debating on "Education".. I guarantee one thing.. Most of them will not be able to define it.

1. What is education? Its a question that most people should ask and start defining it as best as possible.
2. Education in simple terms is a process that helps you face "life situations" .. with knowledge and skills.
3. Formal education like school, college, PG.. etc puts a person through a qualifying process in acquiring knowledge and skills.
4. Not everyone needs to follow that formal education system.. but choose alternative systems for acquiring knowledge and skills.
5. The purpose of "education" is to make a child a "life long learner" .. through a formal system or through the choice of the individual.
6. Gates, Jobs dropped out of their own free will because they realised their calling lay somewhere else and a different form of learning
7. The truly uneducated are those who stop reading or learning after school or college.. Therefore the Q is... Is Smriti Irani a learner?
7. The answer is Smriti Irani dropped out after school and chose her calling from which to learn and face life situations... Thats education
8. Has Smriti Irani followed her pursuits and learned the knowledge and skills to perform? Her success suggests she definitely has.
9. Worse are those who stop learning at some point.. They will be uneducated if their learning process stops at some point in life.
10. To call Smriti "uneducated" is a poor understanding of "Education" itself. Whether she will perform. that the future will tell.
Even Modi didnt go thru the "formal" education as we know it. When he realised it will be handy he went thru some corresp course. isnt it?

"Baawre Chal jahan chalein mann ke paanv re.." is a new TV series to be aired on Life OK in the month of June starring Vinita Joshi Thakkar and Abhishek Rawat.

Its promos are already being aired on Star network. Analysing the promo we can clearly see a storyteller sitting amidst the screen and introducing the two leads Yamini and Nikumbh. Also, its quite visible that the two share a different perspective towards life. On one hand Yamini wants to follow her father and on the other hand Nikumbh says that "you are crazy for your work (Baawre) if and only if  you succeed doing it while residing in a small city".

One more clash of opinions persists between them and that is, about Love. Yamini wants to Love, infact find her love, learn about it on her own whereas Nikumbh wants to stay away from The complications of it.
During a recording of his poems Purane Khat

The new thing about the show is that it would have a "Sutradhar" who would tell us the entire story of Yamini and Nikumbh which is played by the famous story writer Neelesh Misra.
Neelesh Misra is an award-winning Indian journalist, author, radio storyteller, Bollywood scriptwriter and a noted lyricist, poet, and photographer. He occupies a unique space on the Indian creative landscape.

For wallpapers of the castClick here!

Abhishek Rawat and Vinita Joshi in the lead roles, wherein they are showcased as a director and singer respectively. He wants to stay in his own city Lucknow and make it big while she wants to tread on the path paved by her father. Nikumbh (Rawat) is a successful playwright, a purist who believes in his talent, while Yamini (Joshi) is a singer whose career has been moulded by her father Raghavendra. She is a part of the very world that Nikumbh hates so much. As fate would have it, Yamini ends up as the heroine in Nikumbh’s play and gets drawn to his talent and ideals, and falls in love with him.

We have seen many stories of this kind where two completely different attitudes and backgrounds meet and blossom. Let's see how this one if different from others!


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